Why A Brahma Brim

Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, the good news is that there is a lot you can do to protect yourself from ultraviolet light! The American Cancer Society suggests seeking shade and wearing a hat. Our brims give you an average of 4 inches of coverage all the way around your head. Thats 2 inches more than a full brim hard hat! And 1 inch more than recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Job Site Safety is big concern for us! Along with the obvious protection from the sun, we have considered the safety aspects of using an accessory hard hat brim on the job. 

1. View - Our brims are designed to keep their shape and provide an unobstructed view, even in the peripheral vision of the wearer.

2. Flexibility - Our brims are designed with a flexible edge to keep from knocking the hard hat from the wearer in tight spots.

3. Materials - We use high quality CR neoprenes covered in nylons and polyesters/spandex blends.

4. Job Tasks - Our brims were designed for the broadest range job tasks*. No metals are used in the design of our brims (not including accessory Wind Emblems) And with accessories for attachment or no attachment at all. These designs make our brims adaptable to nearly every job task. 
*Brahma Brims have not been certified for use in any industry. Use in any industry is at the sole discretion of the user and we always recommend a thorough safety evaluation be completed by a competent person before use.

Customizable designs are a perfect way to brand your company while protecting your people. In addition to a broad range of standard designs, we also offer the ability to design your own! Simply Contact Us for information about designing your own for yourself or your crews. We will provide you with a template of our brim if you would like to design your own or we can take your ideas and work to bring them to life at a very affordable cost, in some cases we will do the work for free if we use your ideas for our standard designs. So any idea you have please let us see what we can do for your brim!

Functionality is built into every Brahma Brim! Our customers are finding every possible way to shield themselves from the sun with our brims. Our brims are great for equestrian helmets, climbing helmets and just about any helmet with the approximate shape of a hard hat, or they make a great visor for gardening! We hope to expand our product line soon by offering more sizes and designs for all uses. Check back soon if you don't find what your looking for, or Contact Us for more information.

U.S. Patent D720,502