NOTE: We always recommend that a thorough safety evaluation be performed before using any safety accessory at your worksite.

Are hard hat brims acceptable at work?

Yes! Most employers understand the need for protection from the sun. OSHA also recognizes the use of accessory brims as a means of protecting workers from the effects of the sun, such as heat illness and skin cancers. 

OSHA Publication

Can I use my brim on any job task?

We have designed our brims to be used in nearly every work environment. The safety features of our brims make them the perfect brim for nearly every job task.

Are they F.R. rated?

No! We have contacted U.L. laboratories to test our current brims and were told there is currently no standards for this type of accessory since a brim is not considered a garment. If required you can contact us and we will provide a .pdf copy of the email. 

Can I use the Wind Kit Emblems since they are considered stickers?

Your employer has the final say on this matter. Although most hard hat manufacturers allow the use of stickers on their hard hats, we always recommend you follow the hard hat manufacturers guidelines at all times. We have provided links below to a few of the popular manufactures below.




I don't wear a brim on my days off, why should I wear one at work?

The truth is that skin cancer and heat illness are not just for the "old timers". We have included some links below to help you or your employer understand your responsibilities at your place of work. We have also included the OSHA Heat Fatalities map, not to scare you, but to illustrate that there are areas even in the northern sections of our country that people are at risk!

I see that your brim was designed to fit a standard hard hat, will it fit on a full brim hard hat?

Although our brims will fit a full brim hard hat we no longer recommend using on a full brim hard hat. The look of the finished brim is not as desirable on a full brim hard hat due too the Brahma Brim laying flat on the hard hat and some performance is lost to the brim riding higher on the head. We are working now on a brim designed for a full brim hard hat.

Your Wind Emblems are metal can I use them at my job?

That depends upon your job task. Our accessory Wind Emblems are metallic and may not be acceptable. If your job task requires you to work around electrical components we do not recommend the Wind Emblems, for these work environments we recommend the Wind Band included in your kit. A competent person should always perform a thorough safety evaluation before using your brim or any accessory provided with your brim prior to performing any job task!

If you have any questions, we invite you to use our Contact Us page, we will respond in a timely manner and look forward to expanding our frequently asked questions page.

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