Improvement To The Brahma Brims

Lighter Than Ever! Through an exhaustive design and testing process we have reduced the weight of the Brahma Brim by 30% weighing in at just over 5 ounces this is our lightest brim ever and a pleasure to wear.

More Durable Than Ever! During the design process we developed a means by which our brims could be bonded together faster and stronger than ever before resulting in a brim of unparalleled durability and simplicity.

More Flexible Edge! Reducing the weight has resulted in a 30% thinner profile to the Brahma Brim. This means a more flexible edge for getting into the tight spots during your tasks and has had the added benefit of producing a better look to our brims by creating a slightly more desirable slope to the finished style.

Themed Photographic Prints! In addition to an already extensive selection of prints our brims are now available in designs that are themed to the hobbies and interests of the user. By combining the use of technology and photography this collection is meant to inspire a sense of adventure and reflect the free spirited heart of the wearer.

Made In America

What Our Customers Are Saying!

My hardhat Brahma Brim made its first debut today in the hot Texas heat. It had all the guys asking where I bought it & saying they've never seen one like that before. Everyone wanted to feel what it was made out of. I even used the wind guards although I placed them on the sides of the hardhat so it doesn't interfere with my company logo..worked like a charm. There was a steady 20mph wind today & not once did I feel the tugging of it trying to fly off. Watching their YouTube instructional video was very informative prior to use. Even down to the custom sized box it was shipped notch..I was expecting it to be rolled up like a burrito inside a parcel envelope..but not from this company! The superior quality of this brim is reason enough for the investment though. So glad I found yall & I look forward to using my Brahma Brim for years to come.

                                          ~Tish, June 7, 2015