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Full Brim Or Standard Hard Hats? The full brim version of the hard hat has gained popularity over the past several years. That is because people instinctively know that having as much coverage as possible is better, but the coverage offered by the full brim hard hat is pathetic at best. They have actually moved the coverage from the face of the wearer to the neck effectively shortening the front brim. Our brims are the same size for the "Standard" or "Full Brim" style hard hat, the difference is the stiffener we use. The way our brims rest on the hard hat is different between the two styles, our new Full Brim version simply allows the brim to be pulled down further on the hard hat brim for a more pleasing look and effective coverage than before. At over 14 and half inch's by 16 and three eighths, all our brims offer an average of 4 inch's of coverage measured from the wearers head, That's an inch larger than the 3 inch's recommended by the leading skin cancer association!

Light! Through an exhaustive design and testing process we have reduced the weight of the Brahma Brim by 30% weighing in at just over 5 ounces this is our lightest brim ever and a pleasure to wear.

Durable! During the design process we developed a means by which our brims could be bonded together faster and stronger than ever before resulting in a brim of unparalleled durability and simplicity.

Flexible! Reducing the weight has resulted in a 30% thinner profile to the Brahma Brim. This means a more flexible edge for getting into the tight spots during your tasks and has had the added benefit of producing a better look to our brims by creating a slightly more desirable slope to the finished style.

Made In America

What Our Customers Are Saying!

"This is the best hard hat sun brim I could find from extensive research. Some are so cheaply made they look too ridiculous to wear. The addition of the internal plastic rim is a simple but necessary addition to allow the neoprene to keep its shape. I can see why those without it are criticized for being too floppy and for falling off too easily. This stays in place nicely, even without using the wind strap. While it does add a  little extra weight as you'd expect, I don't even think about it after a while. And my hard hat stays in place without falling off when looking down as someone else mentioned...I have the basic black and am very happy with it in the Southern California summer sun."

                                          ~RR, July 19, 2016